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General questions?
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Need a writer?

That’s good! We have those, with all different backgrounds, specialties, expertise and styles. So before we talk, here are some things to consider:

  • What is the actual work you need done? 
    • For example, do you need a content strategy? Or do you already have that and need the right writer to execute on the strategy? What will they be writing? Ongoing blog posts, case studies, staff profiles, client stories, branded content? Describe the actual work the person will be doing. 
  • Do you require specific industry, subject matter or audience expertise?
    • Do you need a writer who specializes in the transportation industry? Higher ed communications? An expert at writing to an audience of scientists? What kind of scientists? Maybe it’s a skilled storyteller you need, who can write across industries. You tell us, in as much detail as you can muster. We love a good challenge.   
  • Is this a project, temporary coverage, contract-to-hire, or a direct hire to your staff?
    • We know who’s looking for freelance projects and who’s interested in a full-time job, or both if the right opportunity comes along. For now, which will solve your immediate content problem?
  • When will you be ready for someone to start?
    • This is very important, because we work fast and will only present candidates who are available now. If you don’t know the answer, that’s fine. Just let us know. Otherwise, what’s your timeline? 

We’ll have more questions, but these will set us up for a good conversation. When you’re ready to talk, you can schedule a 15-minute phone call with us here. Or shoot us an email and say hellooooo!

Are you a writer?

We’re glad you’re here. The best place to start with Written is to tell us about yourself, your experience and interests. We’ve made it easy to submit your information here. Thank you.